Financial accounting is used to prepare accounting information for people inside the organization as well as outside the organization who are not involved in the day-to-day running of the company; Management accounting provides accounting information to help managers make decisions to manage the business. Maintaining accounts is a difficult task as it requires immense experience and understanding to handle ones account. Understanding complexity and monitoring once account is a difficult task. 

At Roshan Tally academy we help you by maintaining your account at a minimal cost.

Maintaining accounts will help you understand:

     1) Track of Transactions
     2) Available money
     3) Possible investment options
     4) Enhancement planning

Services we provide are;

     1) Filing documents
     2) Day to day Accounting
     3) Weekly reporting
     4) Find out Liabilities
     5) Project wise accounting, to find out project wise profitability
     6) Inventory Record- with advance features like multi price level, set reordering levels etc
     7) Maintain Payroll
     8) Filing Returns etc.

Roshan Tally Academy has been maintaining accounts for:

     1) Headway Enterrpises
     2) Unik Laboratory
     3) Swastik Constructions
     4) N K Test Centre
     5) Mikamachi AMR Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
     6) Zurich Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.
     7) Aqua Plus Laboratory